Autumn weather causes early crowds at the Kramer Sauerkraut factory

Three new Tramper tray sealing machines at Kramer Sauerkraut Factory
Three new Tramper tray sealing machines at Kramer Sauerkraut Factory

At G. Kramer in Zuid-Scharwoude they have been making sauerkraut for five generations. In the Netherlands in particular sauerkraut stew is still one of the main winter meals. The lack of a late summer isn't a problem for the sauerkraut factory. "The weather decides. You sell sauerkraut when there is an R in the month. Last year it was very warm until October 10. The demand was slower getting going. Now we have been unbelievably busy since the start of September," says Gerrie Groot.

The autumn weather did have a downside in week 37. "Due to the heavy rainfall the harvest seemed to literally be drowning. Because we couldn't get the cabbage harvested due to the wetness, we weren't able to make much sauerkraut that Monday and Tuesday. Now those harvest problems have been solved. The availability, compared to last year, isn't a problem, as the cabbage has grown well. In other years we sometimes need to buy cabbage, but that isn't the case now," says Gerrie.

"We make 200,000 kg of cabbage a day in our season - from the start of August to a few days before Christmas. Most sauerkraut eaters are in Western Europe. The Netherlands and Belgium are our main sales markets, but the sauerkraut travels all over the world with our customers," says Gerrie. He is positive about the future of the sauerkraut factory after 126 years. "Fermented vegetables are trendy. We make a healthy and cheap product, so time is on our side."

This year Kramer invested in completely new packaging lines, including a dosing line with three filling points with three tray sealing machines, supplied by Tramper Technology from Goes. According to manager Ger de Boer, the machines play into the increasing demand for sauerkraut in trays. "This is a growing segment, particularly with our supermarket customers. It plays into the fresh image."

"We mainly looked at the sustainability and reliability of the top sealing machines when buying, as the acid is demanding on the machine," says Ger. "The packaging lines have now been running for four weeks. And satisfactory. Tramper Technology is a great firm to work with. We had received good references for these machines and they are living up to them!"

For more information:

G. Kramer & Zonen B.V.
Voorburggracht 141
1722 GC Zuid-Scharwoude
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 226 31 24 26


Three new Tramper tray sealing machines at Kramer Sauerkraut Factory
Automatic denesting with the integrated Tramper D-360

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