Special construction

From its foundation, Tramper Technology has been active in the construction of special machines for the food processing and packaging sector.

Special construction is usually based on pre-engineering or a feasibility study that was executed in advance. Depending on the market potential, a principal can approach the special machine construction process in two ways:

  1. As an exclusive project for the principal, on condition that all costs are covered.
  2. Execution of the project at a predetermined price, with Tramper retaining the right to build the machine for several principals.

Intensive cooperation with the principal is extremely important for the success of a special construction project. After all, who knows more about the product and the special requirements for the processing and packaging than the principal? Practical experience has shown that this method produces the best finished product.

Some examples of special construction projects completed by Tramper Technology are:

  • Packaging machine for blanks/cartons (see picture above)
  • Packaging line razor clamps
  • Packaging line tubes filled with chewing gum

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