Type D-380-P

The Tramper D-380-P is a servo-controlled multi-denester with a denesting range of 800 by 320 mm.

This type is frequently used in combination with a Tramper sealing line. 

Technical specifications

Denesting range
800 x 320 x 150 mm (lxwxh)
up to 240 packages per minute
Machine dimensions
1100 x 1000 x 1800 mm (lxwxh)

Features of the D-380-P are:

  • Single and multiple denesting of single and multiple compartment products;
  • Suitable for single line and double line denesting;
  • Available as a stand-alone system or integrated into the line control;
  • Denesting at a fixed speed or on demand;
  • Application of product numbers for retention of specific product settings;
  • Simply convertible tooling (cassette system) for short conversion times.
Enkelvoudig en meervoudig ontnesten van enkelvaks en meervaks producten;
Eenvoudig uitwisselbare tooling (cassettesysteem) voor korte omsteltijden.