Tramper filling system with pressing unit
Tramper filling system with pressing unit


A Tramper filling and distribution system ensures that products are transferred from the weighing machine to package on the intermittently operating packaging machine. Depending on capacity, Tramper offers a choice of 3 standard filling and distribution systems.

Fragile products

Small drops and the controllable filling process are important common features of both filling and distribution systems. This makes them also suitable for fragile products.

Other features that distinguish Tramper filling and distribution systems:

  • High capacity with retention of a calm filling process.
  • Hygienic construction, easy cleaning;
  • (convertible) single line and double line filling/distribution.
  • Single compartment and multiple compartment package filling.
  • Simply convertible tooling for short conversion times.
  • Automatic height adjustment for the filling of various tray heights.

Tramper offers a choice of 3 filling and distribution systems: