Type F-380

The Tramper F-380 is an advanced filling-distribution system.

It was developed for the filling and distribution of products in every conceivable filling pattern with a surface area of 800 x 320 mm. The system can be used with the required exchange parts as a single line and double line filling-distribution solution. The Tramper F-380 can also be used for multiple compartment packaging.

Servo-controlled saddle movement

The Tramper F-380 is equipped with a servo-controlled saddle movement in which the exchange parts can be fitted. Depending on the product (sticky or greasy), the exchange parts can be produced from specific materials. All exchange parts are also suitable for cleaning in an industrial washing machine.

Technical specifications

single line and double line (convertible)
Supply points (weigher)
1 to 4 (for shared weigher)
Filling points
1 - 16
Portion size (indication)
20-10000 gram
Filling range
800x320 mm (lxw)
max. 200 portions per minute
Machine dimensions
2500 x 1000 x 2500 mm (lxwxh)
reject function for each product type
Afvulsysteem met 1-baans en 2-baans afvul-verdeeloplossing
Afvulsysteem ook voor het afvullen van meervaksverpakkingen toepasbaar
Drawing of F-380 filling system