Type F-560

The Tramper F-560 is a servo-controlled filling system that guarantees a continuous and reliable filling process for packaging lines with high-capacity demands.

This system is suitable for single line and 2 (two) line applications. The systems fills solid products, such as (mixed) vegetables, shrimps, olives, chicken breasts etc.. The machine has a robust construction and excellent accessibility.

The carefully weighed portions product are delivered by a multi head weigher. Then, a swivel funnel divides the portions over the product cans. From here, the product portions are transferred to buffer cans. Then, the cans make a vertical movement and stop exactly in the package that is placed on the conveyor underneath. After that, the packages are filled with product.

Easy changeover

Because of the use of changeable parts, it is possible to fill different sorts of trays and products within the range of 600 x 500 mm. Within 5 minutes one can change between the different formats.

The system can be supplied with optional integrated press units to reduce the volume in the trays.

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Technical specifications

Single line and double line
Supply points (weigher)
1 or 2
Filling points
2-12 (dependent on tray format)
Portion size
30-4000 gr
Filling range
standard 600 x 500 x 130 (lxwxh in mm)
up to 18 cycles per minute (product-dependent)
Machine dimensions
± 1850 mm x 1040 mm x 2825 mm (lxwxh = including mounting frame)
Afvulsysteem voorzien van trechter voor afvoer van afgekeurd product.
Filled tray with triple filling: red onion, bell pepper and leek;
Optional integrated press units to reduce the volume in the trays;