automatic lidding system
automatic lidding system


A great amount of resealable packages are created with the application of a lid. The automatic handling of the lid is the part of the packaging that is experienced as critical by many packaging companies.

Servo-controlled lidding

Tramper has used this experience in the development of its lidding system, and this has resulted in a servo-controlled lid solution. The lidding system is formed by the combination of a servo-controlled separator and a conveyor belt with a servo-controlled tray support unit. This method enables the exact alignment of the tray and the lid.

Features of Tramper lid solutions are:

  • Suitable for single and multiple lidding.
  • Suitable for single and double line lidding.
  • Available as a stand-alone system or integrated into a Tramper packaging line.
  • Memory for storage of product settings per product.
  • Simply convertible tooling (cassette system) for short changeover times.

The following 2 lidding systems are available as lidding solutions: