Stand alone lidding

Stand alone lidding systems are applied when the tubs or trays are not supplied by a Tramper packaging line.

These are manually filled packages or packages that are supplied by a thermo forming machine.

In the case of a random supply of (thermo formed) packages, the standard lidding system is fitted with a grouping station. This places the packages on the correct pitch for the lidding machine.

For the lidding of thermo formed packages the standard tray support unit is fitted with a combined centring/fixing system. This centres every package separately before lidding commences.


Technical specifications

Lidding range (2 options)
800 x 320 mm (lxw)
1000 x 320 mm (lxw)
max. 240 pieces per minute
Dimensions incl. conveyor system
3500 x 1100 x 1800 mm (lxwxh)
Stand-alone lidding system;
lidding system with integrated seperation system;