Seal Inspection

Voorbeeld tray met overhangende sla
Voorbeeld tray met overhangende sla

Seal Inspection System

The system is placed immediately behind the Tramper tray sealer. Every sealed tray is inspected optically to make sure that the sealed edge is not contaminated, split or cracked.

strict requirements

The food industry has to adhere to ever stricter requirements for the shelf life and freshness of packaged products. The system helps to guarantee the freshness of the packaged product. The machine's control screen immediately shows a visual presentation of the scan results of the seals; these results are automatically stored in a database. Any tray that does not comply with the tolerance limits is ejected by means of an automatic reject system.

This method ensures that only perfectly sealed trays are delivered. This system prevents costly and time-consuming recalls.

The seal inspection system is available in 1 model: