Type C-360

The Tramper C-360 'Inspector' inspects your sealed trays in a contact-free manner.

The Tramper C-360 is an accurate optical seal inspection system. The system meticulously inspects the trays for any imperfections in the seals. This machine guarantees the optimal quality of the sealed trays.

The C-360 is suitable for single-lane inspection.

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Technical specifications

Scanning range
200 x 300 mm (lxwxh) - optionally 400 x 300 mm
up to 100 trays per minute (traydependent)
Machine dim.
1820 x 1165 x 2030 (+70mm/-40mm)

Features of the C-360 are:

  • Suitable for printed or non-printed foil;
  • Hygienic construction, easy to clean;
  • Automatic reject system for rejected product;
Rejectsystem Sealinspector
Tramper C-360
Example fail tray (salad)