Tray sealing

Tray sealing

The attractiveness and perception of the quality of a product is expressed in the image of the packaging. Top sealing / tray sealing of the packaging makes a significant contribution to this. Not only the taste of a product must 'catch' the customer, but also the packaging.

Distinguishing your product

Tray sealing offers the possibility to package your product in a striking packaging design. You can also package the product in a vacuum or shelf-life extending atmosphere. (MAP packaging)

Distinguished top sealing

The Tramper tray sealing machines can fit almost any dish, tray and bucket shapes with a top seal. The different models of machines provide options for single or double line packaging. All Tramper tray sealing machines are fitted with servo-controlled drive units. A unique application of this is the servo-controlled sealing technology. This technology replaces the conventional compressed air sealing and creates advantages such as: shorter cycle, consistent seal quality, adjustable mould closing speed and reduced energy consumption.

Complete solutions

Tramper Technology is also distinguished in the tray sealing sector by the production and delivery of complete tray sealing solutions under its own management. This includes operations such as: separation, filling, traysealing, lidding and labelling.

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