Type S-460

The Tramper S-460 is a tray sealing machine that enables you to package your products in a professional manner.

This tray sealer is very suitable for the fully automatic tray sealing of packagings for which high capacities are needed. That is why this tray sealer is often used for the package of meat- and fish products.


Technical specifications

Seal range
600 x 400 x 130 mm (lxwxh)
up to 15 cycles per minute
Dimension sealing station
2750 x 1150 x 2100 mm (lxwxh)

Features of the tray sealing machine are:

  • Suitable for tray sealing of products in liquid and solid form;
  • Prepared for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP);
  • Suitable for single-line and two-line top-seal applications;
  • Extremely simple conversion between different tray sizes, very short changeover time;
  • Walking beam(s) input track – accurate placement, simple adjustment;
  • Expandable with servo-controlled tray denester, filling and distribution system or feeding system;
  • Suitable for fully integration of labeling machine and printer.
Fitted with interchangeable moulds, which can be changend over quickly and easily with a mobile unit
Sealed tray with chicken satay
Suitable for single line and double line packaging;