Type S-580

The Tramper S-580 model is our second biggest servo-controlled tray sealing machine.

This tray sealing machine is particularly suitable for tray sealing of relatively large packages that are subject to high capacity requirements. In view of the large seal area of this tray sealing machine, it is usually equipped for multiple line applications.

Technical specifications

Seal range
800 x 500 x 130 mm
up to 14 cycles per minute
Dimension sealing station
3600 x 1100 x 2300 mm (lxwxh, without input conveyor)

Features of the tray sealing machine are:

  • Suitable for the tray sealing of products in liquid and solid form;
  • Prepared for Modified Atmosphere Packaging;
  • Suitable for single line and multiple line packaging;
  • Possibility for further automation with tray denester, filling station and lidding machine;
  • Suitable for the complete build-in of labelling machine and printing system;
  • Expandable with an extra film dewinder for rapid film changing.
Prepared for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Suitable for the tray sealing of products in solid and liquid form
Optionally equipped with separation system